How ITG Can Bring Your Outsourced Printing In-House

September 23rd, 2021 by admin

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When it comes to printing through third parties, whether it's marketing material or work documents, it can quickly end up being a costly deal for businesses. Between things like last-minute changes, bulk order limits, and potential obsoletion of the printed content, your business can end up saddled with a high cost for what could be an essential part of your business. So what can your business do to lessen the cost of third-party printing? Cut out the middle man and get an in-house printing solution with ITG.

Reduce Costs With In-House Prinitng

Don't let your business suffer exuberant costs because of a dependence on third-party print. Let the experts at ITG help you move your printing production in-house. We work with our clients to help them get a tailored fit to their needs without going over budget. Clients we've previously worked with have saved up to 50% by taking control of their printing needs with in-house production.

What ITG Has to Offer

How can ITG help your business switch to moving your printing production to be 100% in your control? With our Managed Print Services and Xerox Products:

  • Managed Print Services

    With our Managed Print Services, you never need to worry about your devices, as ITG covers everything your need to keep your printers up and operational. Everything from toner shipments to parts, service, and support, and day to day management of your printer and copier fleet is taken care of with our service.
  • Xerox Products

    ITG works side-by-side with Xerox® to deliver the best possible award-winning printing products and equipment to our clients. With this partnership, we can bring expertise in business processes and document workflow services on top of exceptional print quality, productivity, and ease of use from our Xerox® product line.

Don't let your business spend more than it has to get a third-party print shop to cover your printing needs. Bring your printing in-house with ITG and save your business potentially up to 50% on printing costs.

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