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How We Can Help Your Business Deal with COVID-19

March 1st, 2021 by admin

The word COVID-19 over a blue background with red 3d models floating around it to represent the virus

As the impacts of COVID-19 continue, many companies are still trying to adapt to the changing times. With the struggle either being switching over to a remote workforce or finding a way to safely re-open their physical locations. Both options present different challenges to overcome. Working from...

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Providing Customers With a Technology Plan for Continued Operations

December 1st, 2020 by admin

"We are in unprecedented times, but this doesn't mean businesses can't continue thriving," stated Mark Lasinis, CIO/Vice President of Technology of Imagine Technology Group. "With a shift in approach and proper technology, a business can set itself up for successful continued operations." Imagine Technology...

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How Digital Transformation is Changing Business in Arizona

January 20th, 2020 by admin

Blue Data Cable Making Outline of Face with Lightbulb

Online sales surpassed in-store sales for general merchandise in 2019. Venerable McDonald's added kiosks to replace cashiers beginning in 2018. And all of us have experience with the ubiquitous telephone voicemail call tree. The digital landscape has changed the face of customer service and interaction....

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Trends in Technology: What to Expect in 2020

December 23rd, 2019 by admin

Binary Code on Blue Technology Background

Technology budgets are set to increase again in 2020. Many IT leaders are emphasizing the adoption of new technology or increasing cybersecurity. As technology continues to improve and expand, budgets must follow suit. If you’re thinking about your own IT budget, you might wonder how you’ll spend the...

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How to Build a Cybersecurity Strategy for Your Business

December 9th, 2019 by admin

Man in Hoodie on Background of Green Computer Code

Does your business rely on digital technology in order to accomplish tasks? Are you in the process of developing a cybersecurity strategy for keeping your information secure? If not, then you should start developing a cybersecurity strategy as soon as possible. Threats to your data come in different...

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8 Powerful Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses

December 2nd, 2019 by admin

Close Up of Hands Using Smart Phone with Laptop and Headphones on Desk

By 2021 it’s estimated there will be over three billion mobile VoIP users. There has to be more than a few reasons this service is so popular, right? The fact is, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for small businesses has become extremely popular in recent years, and if you are considering making...

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7 Ways to Guard Your Computer Against Malware

August 26th, 2019 by admin

Red Skull and Crossbones on Blue Background of Binary Code

An alarming number of companies underestimate the importance of malware prevention. Almost two-thirds of small businesses end up closing shop within half a year of a successful cyber attack. If you don't take the proper steps to protect your company's data, then you can fall victim to a similar fate....

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9 Benefits of Using Managed IT Services for Your Business

August 19th, 2019 by admin

Smiling IT Technician Using Tablet in Server Room

You need to be familiar with the benefits of using Managed IT Services: Only about 30 percent of organizations are currently using managed IT services. While this is true, the companies utilizing these services cut their IT costs by approximately 40 percent. They have also doubled their overall operational...

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