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Evolution of ECM: It's Time for Digital Transformation

Business organizations are challenged with managing an explosion of unstructured data in the form of Word files, PDFs, Excel worksheets, videos, audio files, posts to social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram and business focused services such as corporate email, internal documents, SharePoint, etc. With the sheer growth of information, no wonder businesses struggle to store and index this information effectively. And unfortunately, without an enterprise approach to organizing and managing this digital content, businesses become susceptible to data loss and suffer from the inability to find-share-leverage important information. In the best case scenario, it results in wasted resources locating this information, worst case scenario is that the data has been compromised from an external hack undetected.

ITG specializes in helping clients to develop a strategy focused on unique content management needs and to implement a solution that targets their specific opportunities.

The diagram below highlights the rapid growth of data across the most popular applications.

We would be happy to discuss with you our approach to bringing sanity to this growing mountain of data.

'The is Exponentially More Unstructured Data Compared to Database Records' Data Growth and Pie Chart

Previous Content Management Solutions evolved by serving the needs of Fortune 500 firms. These systems could scale to support enormous workloads. However, this resulted in very complex systems that were difficult to implement successfully, challenging to maintain, and were hardly ever updated. The marketplace has begun to demand the same features of an enterprise system minus the complexity and risks associated with implementation. Manufacturers are responding by offering cloud based solutions that are delivered quickly and without investing in locally installed infrastructure.

The illustration below identifies the evolution of traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) concepts compared to next generation advancements.

ITG is ready to help you identify the value of organizing content that supports your most critical processes. We would be happy to setup a preliminary introductory call.

Traditional to Next Generation Flow Chart

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