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Business organizations are challenged with managing an explosion of unstructured data in the form of Word files, PDFs, Excel worksheets, videos, audio files, posts to social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram and business focused services such as corporate email, internal documents, SharePoint, etc. With the sheer growth of information, no wonder businesses struggle to store and index this information effectively. And unfortunately, without an enterprise approach to organizing and managing this digital content, businesses become susceptible to data loss and suffer from the inability to find-share-leverage important information. In the best case scenario, it results in wasted resources locating this information, worst case scenario is that the data has been compromised from an external hack undetected.

ITG specializes in helping clients to develop a strategy focused on unique content management needs and to implement a solution that targets their specific opportunities.

We would be happy to discuss with you our approach to bringing sanity to this growing mountain of data.

Previous Content Management Solutions evolved by serving the needs of Fortune 500 firms. These systems could scale to support enormous workloads. However, this resulted in very complex systems that were difficult to implement successfully, challenging to maintain, and were hardly ever updated. The marketplace has begun to demand the same features of an enterprise system minus the complexity and risks associated with implementation. Manufacturers are responding by offering cloud based solutions that are delivered quickly and without investing in locally installed infrastructure.

The illustration below identifies the evolution of traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) concepts compared to next generation advancements.

ITG is ready to help you identify the value of organizing content that supports your most critical processes. We would be happy to setup a preliminary introductory call.

Print Software


You’ve got documents. (Lots of documents!) We can help them flow more smoothly in and out of your system with software applications that make your copiers and printers work double duty – and save money in the process. Because the harder your copiers and printers work, the easier it is for you to enter, send, retrieve and manage your business files.


You need that one document for your next meeting. The one document you can’t find on the network. The one you printed out… and scribbled notes on… and now only exists as a hard copy on your desk. You need it electronically. Right now.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take a hard copy of any text document and, by simply scanning the original, convert it to a Microsoft Word or Excel editable file – with over 95% accuracy? Our software applications can do that. And much more.

They also integrate seamlessly with your document management system. By connecting with systems like Square9, M-Files or Prism, you can scan and send documents directly into your database. So there’s no need to re-key information. And because documents reside in one central and convenient location, they’re easy to access from any computer or device.

Our document distribution applications also integrate directly with your email servers. While many printers allow you to scan and email documents right from your printer, our software applications retrieve scanned documents directly from your email account. This gives you an added sense of security knowing your communications are safe and your documents are protected by the safeguards setup on your inbox.


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Controlling printing costs used to be like the Wild West. You just had to hope that your employees were conscientious and only printed what they needed and hopefully not in color! Today, we have software to monitor that for you. Just define a few settings upfront and let your software take care of the rest.

You can set copy/print limits on each machine. Or assign each user with his or her personal limits. Or set emails to be printed in black and white or duplexed based on the application. You can actually block emails from being printed at all! We have software that will register Outlook as a “banned” program and prohibit a user from printing jobs from their email program.


Sometimes overprinting simply becomes a habit. Educating users on how much their print jobs cost can be a big eye opener. We have software that, when certain criteria are met, will prompt the user before they’re able to print, telling them how much this particular job will cost and offer several alternatives on how to save money. This prompt is based on your criteria. For example, it could be any print job more than three pages – or anything in color.


Large institutions have a greater need to monitor and control printing costs. If you have several departments all sharing the same printer, we have software that allows you to monitor usage per department. From there, you can choose to rein in your printer fleet… or perhaps add new, more efficient printers where there is higher volume.

You can also track print volume down to individual users or computers. If you have one or two individuals who print more than necessary – you can monitor their activity, and then take action accordingly.

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