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April 18th, 2022 by admin

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As the world is shifting to a hybrid work culture in full throttle, more and more services are cropping up to provide you with off-site, remote desktop tools and services. However, with so many options to choose from while not knowing the pedigree of these services, it must feel overwhelming.

If you are looking for one such service, you have come to the right place. Since our inception into the IT business in 2011, we at Imagine Technology Group have the best in their field professionals to manage all your IT solutions under one roof. So contact us to get an appraisal and let experienced professionals guide you best for an incredible future for your business.

Our Desktop/Server Management Service

When it comes to managing your work systems on our cloud services, we ensure unlimited and quick technical assistance for all your employees. Our staff is amicable but technical while helping you with all your networking queries from our location. But, that's not all; if they cannot solve your issues remotely, an IT engineer can come on-site to resolve a serious issue correctly.

Cloud Servers

Buying servers, setting them up, and running them is a considerable cost most small to medium businesses aren't ready to spend. The cost of power usage alone might deter some companies from taking the risk. We can see your problem simply by providing remote work desktops at a fraction of the cost and letting you focus on running your business.

Our IT services are server optimized, secure, and managed by our experts to ease your mind with other essential tasks.

Cloud Desktops

Using our virtual work machines via the Cloud, your employee can use it on any device if they have internet. It works best if they have a good internet connection for smooth operations. Cloud desktop doesn't require any special machines and can efficiently work on PCs and laptops; any device can get the work done. They can stay connected via the Cloud and remote desktops with their accounts and improve productivity.

Benefits of Cloud Desktop

  • With most business applications installed on our virtual machines, you don't have to worry about licensing. In addition, you can access everything from your mobile or tablet; all you need is a good internet connection.

  • All your employees will need is an account and a device that can connect to the internet—no hassle of setting up new physical work machines.

  • Remote desktop solutions are pre-installed in Windows and can easily connect with proper credentials. As a result, you don't need special software to stay connected to your virtual work machines.

  • When everything is in the Cloud, you don't need the latest generation laptops to do your job. Working in the Cloud significantly reduces the cost incurred on hardware but grants you the fastest workflow speeds that are rarely matched at this cost.

  • With Cloud Sync, our secure servers and backup systems will keep your files safe and updated—no need to worry about ever losing your data and files again.

  • All our services are regulatory compliant and up to date.

  • You will know all the costs upfront and can be paid monthly, so it will always remain within budget.

Why Should You Consider Imagine Technology Group?

We want to get the best to let the specialized workforce manage their system cohesively in any business. However, setting up a team like that, especially in IT, is a daunting task. Why worry about hiring and managing a whole IT team when you can do that at a fraction of a cost with expert support?

We have been in the IT business since 2011, while our experts have over 20 years of experience in setup the best services and solutions possible.

Complete Peace of Mind

With our IT services management, you don't have to worry about managing complex IT tasks; instead, you can focus on your core business. Our IT services provide the service you demand precisely how you require it. In addition, our IT team monitors your networks and machines all the time, giving you peace of mind to run your tasks and business.

Cost Savings

You don't worry about paying upfront costs of buying a whole software suite, like buying hardware a hefty sum. Instead, consider it as upkeep, like paying your employees. In this upkeep of monthly charge, you get the complete package of service and support costing you a fraction if you were to buy everything yourself like services and computers on site.

Single Point of Service

As we are determined to provide you with complete peace of mind, we provide every kind of service you need through a single access communication portal that will keep your business running without any hiccup.

This service is possible through our IT experienced professionals' team with vast experience in the IT space.

Productivity Optimization

Our expert support team makes sure that your system and tools help keep your business up and running 24x7.

Focus on expanding and managing your business instead of worrying about every detail, especially when it comes to IT services and tools. Imagine Technology provides you all the sophistication of a professional IT company plus the best benefits of Cloud or remote desktops with top-notch processing power. This power and support come with stellar customer support services 24x7 online and on-site when needed.

Our team is always at your service, from the smallest of problems to the biggest of concerns. So let your business soar by allowing us to serve you better without worrying about the cost of hiring and managing IT services.

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