How We Can Help Your Business Deal with COVID-19

March 1st, 2021 by admin

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As the impacts of COVID-19 continue, many companies are still trying to adapt to the changing times. With the struggle either being switching over to a remote workforce or finding a way to safely re-open their physical locations. Both options present different challenges to overcome. Working from home requires the right combination of technology to transfer the office workflow to home while re-opening your doors needs a way to keep your employees safe. Both, however, necessitate the use of high-end technology solutions to achieve what is needed.

At ITG, we are continuously looking for the best ways to support our customers in adapting to COVID-19 with our technology solutions. We offer multiple options that can allow any business to get what they need to deal with the pandemic. From virtual desktops to soft-phone solutions to virtual sentry temperature-check tablets, our offerings cover everything.

Remote Workforce Solutions

We offer end-to-end enterprise communications solutions that can help your business remain operational regardless of any situation you may find yourself in. Our offerings include:

  • Virtual Desktops: Secure, cloud portals to your office desktop, applications, and storage from any device, integrated with our leading UCaaS system
  • Softphone Applications: Turn your desktop, laptop, or smartphone to an extension of your office phone system
  • Business SMS: Send SMS and MMS text messages, attachments, and links to colleagues and customers
  • Urgent Response & Mass Notifications: Keep your whole company informed in real-time
  • Built-in Business Continuity: Ensure 24/7/365 connectivity and network reliability with 99.999% guaranteed uptime (100% since 2011)
  • 4G LTE Failover Support: Enhance your network with failover to trusted 4G LTE networks

Virtual Sentry Temperature-Check Tablets

These top-of-the-line temperature sensors provide your first layer of screening and protecting your most valuable business assets: your employees and clients. With the implementation of these devices, receptionists or doormen are no longer needed to stop their tasks and put themselves at risk. Instead, our tablets can screen everyone coming on-site to keep your location protected.

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