Phoenix Data Backup and Recovery

March 9th, 2020 by admin

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Would your business survive a disaster? What about a fire, a server crash, or a power outage? Do you have a plan for data backup and recovery in the event of a catastrophe in Phoenix? If not, why not?

Is Your IT Prepared?

The safety and accessibility of your data is a key aspect of keeping your business running, so it should be protected from anything that could damage your business. If Phoenix was struck by disaster, how should your company prepare for data recovery? To find out, answer these questions:

  • Is your data backed up, either off-site or in the cloud?
  • Do you have backups of your most essential applications?
  • Can your customers still contact you?
  • Do you have a disaster recovery plan, and do your employees know how to follow it?

If the answer to any of these questions was “no”, then your data backup and recovery plan needs an upgrade. You never know when disaster will strike, and preparing in advance means you’ll be ready no matter what.

Data Recovery and Backup in Phoenix

We recommend these planning steps for the backup and recovery of your data.

  • Enterprise Security Program Assessments
  • Enterprise Security Program Development
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Threat & Risk Assessment
  • Business Continuity, Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Incident Response Program Management

Your data backup and recovery plan should be tailored to your needs. In addition to planning, you should create a system that gives you everything you need in an emergency situation. ?

Phoenix Data Recovery

At Imagine Technology Group, we understand that every business has different priorities. We analyze our client's business to figure out priorities and create a strategy that works based on their unique setup. In order to do this, we asses the current security program to see what works and what doesn’t. Then, we strengthen the plan to make sure there's coverage in every potential situation. Our goal is to make the plan safe, easy to use, and ready when it's needed.

It’s one thing to have a disaster plan, it’s another to use it properly. ITG makes sure that ownership, management, and employees know exactly what to do if things go wrong. They’ll know how to retrieve backups, access applications, and get back to work as soon as possible. We show how to respond to incidents in a timely and efficient manner, minimizing any damage to business.

Creating Secure Data Backups

When it comes to backing up your data, there are two options: local and cloud backups.

Backing up your data locally means your data is stored in a physical location that you can still access without Internet access. Backing up on the cloud means your data will be safe if your office equipment is damaged or destroyed. By employing both of these methods, your backup plan should keeps your information safe in every situation.

Your backup system should be integrated with your recovery plan, so you’ll know how to access your data quickly if there’s an issue.

Don’t Fix The Problem- Prevent It

Don’t wait until something goes wrong to put a data backup and recovery plan in place. Get in touch with us to find out how we can save you time, stress and money with our disaster recovery plan. We’ll show you exactly what you need and how to be ready for anything. If something goes wrong, you’ll be confident in the knowledge that your ITG system means you’ll recover quickly and be straight back to work.

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