IT Support In Phoenix- Is Outsourcing Best For Your Company?

March 23rd, 2020 by admin

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Outsourced IT support saves time, money, and other resources for many companies in Phoenix. Whether small or large, your business is now at the forefront of all your decision making. Keeping technology well organized, both internally and externally, can be a challenge. One of the most common questions we receive is; Does our business need IT support? The answer is usually, “yes!”. We created a detailed breakdown of the potential benefits of outsourcing and/or supporting your IT department.

As your business grows more spread out and complicated, you may find that trying to keep up with the latest technological advances is too time consuming and becomes a financial burden. You may not have an IT department at all or you may have in-house staff. These are the benefits of outsourcing IT Support for your business in Phoenix.


Before you decide if outsourcing is right for you, you may be wondering what general services IT support professionals can provide to you and your business. Imagine Technology Group can provide you with access to a professional team with varied skills to help you assess your needs and provide you with a solution. This includes:

OUTSOURCING is Cost Effective

For most businesses, saving money is one of the most important benefits outsourcing can provide. Hiring and training IT support staff can be very expensive. You will need to either hire pre-trained and qualified IT staff or hire someone who is experienced to train the new staff. This can take time out of your regular business day, costing you even more money. You will also have to take into account that the support staff will need to be provided their own office and equipment. Outsourcing with ITG would provide you with trained staff who work from their own office and already have their professional equipment. You will not have to spend money out of pocket to set up an additional office area with specialized equipment and software that may not need to be used that frequently.

Have Access to a Greater Range of Expertise

Handling IT support tickets on your own can be disastrous, as well as stressful, for your business. Outsourcing to ITG ensures that you will have a wider range of expertise than a single IT support professional. You will not be faced with expensive delays that can cost your business. You will be met with teams of experienced professionals that will analyze the problem quickly and effectively.

It Takes the Burden Off Your Team's Shoulders

You may have delegated the roles of IT support professional to one employee at your business. You may even rotate between a few employees. Not only can this distract those employees from their regular job tasks, but it will also put unneeded stress on their shoulders. This may limit their productivity at both jobs and create more problems than solutions. Outsourcing allows your employees to release this burden onto a trusted team of professionals. Now, they will not feel compelled to fix the problem themselves and will be able to get back to their regular job functions quicker.

Improve Your Cybersecurity

Every business has the potential to be hacked. This reality can be worrisome for business owners, especially small business owners that may be lacking network barriers. Technology is rapidly changing. IT support is designed to keep up with technology and be equipped with the latest advancements to ward off cyber attacks. Outsourcing to a team of skilled professionals can help your business identify any weak spots in your defenses against hacking. As a business owner, you want your data and the data of your affiliates or customers to remain secure and private. ITG can not only provide you with resources and scans, but also professional recommendations and analysis. You can never be too safe.

If Disaster Does Strike, the Professionals at ITG Will Hit the Ground Running

It is sometimes difficult to imagine the worst, but often that helps us make the most informed decision. Cyber attacks are happening every minute, all over the world. Your information may at some point be involved in a data breach. Your business and your brand may be at jeopardy. It all depends on how quickly you can pick up the pieces and make amends. The professionals at Imagine Technology Group will provide you with the support you need in the case of information being compromised. Their primary focus is on making sure the wheels of your business continuing turning, even if a cyber attack occurs. They will walk you through the necessary steps and help you make decisions that will limit the chance of a similar event occurring.

Outsourcing with Imagine Technology Group

Technology is a rapidly growing and changing industry. Businesses sometimes have a hard time keeping up. Business owners, like yourself, have enough on their plate as is. Having to also oversee an IT department, would be adding additional unneeded stressors to not only the business owner, but also other employees. In Phoenix, Outsourcing the IT support roles to a skilled group of professional would help your company streamline, while also having access to multiple resources and security features.

Imagine Technology Group provides business owners with a hassle-free experience to help them grow, maintain, and streamline their business. ITG helps business owners set up defenses against cyber attacks that could damage their business reputation and compromise sensitive information. They eliminate the need for business owners to invest in professional training or set aside work space for a support staff. Do not go through the process of trying to organize, maintain, and utilize on-site support staff that will create stressors within the workplace. Outsourcing your Phoenix IT Support with Imagine Technology Group will help your business succeed.

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