Imagine Technology Group Leverages Unique Strategic Partnership With Zultys

September 7th, 2023 by admin

Strategic Partnership With Zultys

Leading Managed Technology Services Provider (MTSP) Leverages Unified Communications & Integrated Contact Center to Strengthen Customer Relationships

CHANDLER, AZ ‐ Imagine Technology Group, a leading Managed Technology Service Provider (MTSP), announced today that their strategic partnership with Zultys is helping them serve small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and leverage the latest emerging technology in unified communications. Zultys, a pioneer in unified communications and Integrated Contact Center (ICC) technology is helping SMBs to increase their customer engagement by equipping them with the most highly advanced and best supported unified communications system on the market. Through this collaboration, Imagine Technology Group ensures that SMBs have the technology tools they need to streamline operations, increase real-time collaboration, efficiently manage high call volume, drive brand loyalty, and improve the overall customer service experience.

One of the biggest frustrations facing today’s teams in the modern workplace is how challenging it can be to collaborate efficiently with one another. With organizations comprised of a combination of hybrid workers, remote employees, in-office teams, cross-department projects, busy executives, and everyone using their own preferred devices, real- time collaboration can often be elusive, at best. However, one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to handle this problem is to get everyone on the same unified communications platform that syncs all workplace communications, so that everyone is always “on the same page” by default. Imagine Technology Group has established this impactful partnership with Zultys because of their unique technology that empowers work teams to collaborate seamlessly, so there’s no lag time in communication which recreates the “in-office” pace of communication. Zultys’ mobile app and desktop app enables users to make audio calls, video calls, video conferences, send instant messages, indicate their availability via “presence,” record calls for training purposes, utilize softphones and even harness other advanced call center features from their own preferred devices. Essentially, through this partnership, Imagine Technology Group now has the ability to elevate the communications infrastructure of any small to mid- sized businesses they work with so they present with the same image as a Fortune 100 enterprise. For as long as Imagine Technology Group has been in business they’ve been focused on finding leading-edge communications tools which eliminate all “friction points” that prevent rapid collaboration between business owners, employees and their customers.

“We’re thrilled to be partnered with Zultys because of their strong reputation,” stated, Mark Lasinis, CIO/VP of Technology of Imagine Technology Group. “Our job is to constantly find the best emerging technologies available and to establish partnerships that can give our customers a lasting competitive advantage. Business technology is an incredibly fast-moving industry, with many startups coming and going, however, Zultys has withstood the test of time because they understand what it takes to thrive in this space. One core value that we share is that we let the needs of our customers drive innovation, instead of adding bells and whistles that aren’t necessary. Every feature-set on the Zultys system exists because a business owner asked for it and they came up with a solution to help them collaborate in the most efficient manner possible. The synergy in company culture between our organizations, in addition to their eagerness to overdeliver to our customers, is what made themstand out as a partner to us. We’re thrilled to have such a robust UC system with which we can empower our customers,” added Lasinis.

In today’s world, customers need to be able to instantly connect with brands they love and that means the underlying communications technology needs to able to keep transitions seamless. “Far too many modern businesses have advanced communications capabilities in some areas of their business (such as robust call center features like, call recording, silent monitor, “find-me-follow-me” call rerouting, etc.) however, those features don’t carry over when employees need to collaborate in real-time,” added Lasinis. When we deploy Zultys, we can make everything seamless so team members can remain flawlessly connected whether they’re transitioning from mobile phones to video conferences to instant messages and they don’t want to lose key features, just because they switched interfaces.

Over the years, another way Imagine Technology Group has achieved customer loyalty has been by earning client trust. This comes from continuously finding ways to facilitate the best deals possible with partners for the benefit of their clients. Imagine Technology Group has earned its strong customer relationships by not only finding “the best in class” solutions for their clients, but also by being very selective and only establishing partnerships with companies that are extremely efficient. One small, yet clarifying example, is how Zultys has managed to cut its taxes and cost recovery fees to the lowest rates in the industry, which gives Imagine Technology Group more room to reduce final costs for end users.

Organizations choose Imagine Technology Group because they’re able to consistently deliver a superior customer experience. When you combine the innovation resources of a large enterprise with a “high-touch” partner like Imagine Technology Group, something special happens. Oftentimes business owners have specialized needs from their unified communications system and need a very high-level of technical expertise to ascertain whether or not the underlying technology can deliver important feature, like instant collaboration via a secure link that allows screensharing/audio/video calls with people outside of your organization, for example. “Most enterprise manufacturers may provide dealers with training and support portals, but it’s rare when you find a partner who is willing to jump on a sales call with you. It’s extremely powerful when you no longer need to say, ‘Let me check on that and get back to you’ but instead you have a highly skilled expert sitting right next to you who can deliver that granular level of clarity to the client so they have all the information they need to make an immediate decision. That level of time investment is one of those distinguishing factors that separates good partners from great ones and ultimately, it’s what we look for in our partnerships,” stated Lasinis. While Imagine Technology Group may share the occasional anecdote about Zultys’ astonishing level of dealer support, this is backed up by their 100% onshore (not outsourced) customer support team with an average hold time of only 17 seconds, which can make all the difference during a customer installation.

Lasinis concluded, “These types of partnerships matter so much because they help our customers solve problems, which is our core mission at the end of the day. Our obligation is to ensure we find the best partners, so our clients remain intimately connected with their clients. There are tiny margins of error in today’s marketplace and with such a highly skilled and more importantly, highly-dedicated team of experts ‘on-call’ we can deliver the premier customer experience.”

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