5 Benefits Businesses Gain From Having a Remote Workforce

July 23rd, 2020 by admin

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Businesses everywhere have been required to either switch to a remote workforce or cease operations till the quarantine is over and their offices can open again. This has made working remotely something that every business owner has been looking into for its long-term applications. As the considerable benefits of a remote workforce are hard for many businesses to ignore.

While there are many valuable benefits that a business can undoubtedly gain from switching to a fully (or even partial) remote workforce, there are 5 key benefits that simply can't be ignored:

1. Lower Costs for Businesses and Employees

One of the biggest advantages of switching over to a remote workforce is how much it reduces operational costs for businesses and how much it saves for employees. When everyone is working from home you don't need to pay for office space, office furniture, the utility bills needed to maintain the office, janitorial costs to keep everything clean, maintenance and installation costs, and so much more. Meanwhile, employees don't need to pay for commuting to work every day and dealing with the problems all means of travel could financially present.

2. Higher Productivity

A common miss conception about remote working is the level of productivity employees will have when in a home environment versus an office one. While many would think remote workers would be less productive than their office counterparts, but that's actually not true. Not only has a survey from Airtasker shown that remote employees are more productive, but other research has supported this as well. Multiple studies have proven that they are far more willing to work overtime and get work done faster than office workers.

3. Better Disaster Preparedness

Undoubtedly having remote employees helps make disasters have less of a direct impact on your operations. As you already have the necessary tools and proper systems established to keep your business working in situations that would force offices to close down. This leads to the cost of downtime being substantially reduced or to be non-existent in some cases.

4. Reduced Employee Turnover

Employee retention is vital for many small businesses. Every position is vital for maintaining operations, and the cost of hiring and training over and over again can take its toll. That's why doing what you can to ensure employees stay is important, and remote workforces are one of the best ways to do it. Statistics show that remote workers are 13% more likely than onsite workers to stay in their jobs over an extended period. 74% of workers also agree that the ability to work remotely would make them less likely to leave their employer.

5. Access to a Larger Group of Potential Employees

Any business can tell you that hiring for specific positions and company rules is challenging. As the talent pool is mostly limited to the local population, as convincing someone to move for a job can be difficult. However, that was before remote working became an option. Now businesses can have access to top talent from anywhere in the world and without having to sell them on uprooting themselves for said position.

A remote workforce has many benefits that businesses are finding harder and harder to ignore. Lots of companies are now looking to turn their short term remote working plan into a long one, as they stand to gain a lot from it. Don't let your business miss out on everything working remotely has to offer, call ITG and get started on your remote workforce today.

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