Success Story: ITG Helps Accounting Firm with Virtualization

August 9th, 2020 by admin

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At ITG, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing services and solutions that will empower your business. We recently helped a large accounting firm by moving their data from on-premise servers to the cloud, setting them up with 165 virtual desktops, and drastically increasing their cybersecurity.

The Problem

The accounting firm was experiencing numerous issues that were impacting their ability to efficiently complete work-related tasks. They had three separate sites that were inefficiently connected, and they were experiencing multiple problems. Many of their servers were using operating systems that had an end-of-life that was quickly approaching. Once support stopped, their servers were going to become very vulnerable to any cyber threats. As an accounting firm responsible for maintaining the security of people's financial information, this was unacceptable.

In addition, their outdated technology was causing them to submit multiple tickets and was impacting their ability to operate efficiently. Their IT issues were so frequent that it required ITG to work weekends to stay on top of the tickets.

The Solution

ITG developed a plan to transition the firm from the three separate networks into a cloud model. To begin, we upgraded application-specific servers and consolidated redundant services. This included converting from an end-of-life Exchange and Citrix environment to Microsoft Office 365 and a more modern Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. The firm experienced zero downtime during this process.

Additionally, we cut the server environment to less than half of their previous amount and migrated them all to a secure data center. We transferred several terabytes of files and configured 165 Virtual Desktop. All of their data and the Virtual Desktops are in the same rack in the data center, eliminating all of the issues they were experiencing with their applications crashing. Additionally, we solidified their cybersecurity by implementing multi-factor authentication as well as a few extra security measures.

The Result

We were able to accomplish this migration over a weekend, with their servers going down on Friday evening and were back up and running early Monday morning. The downtime their company experienced was minimal, and not during normal business hours. Overall, the accounting firm is much more efficient and productive than they were previously. They can efficiently share data and files between the three locations, and their IT service calls have reduced dramatically. They also have much more robust and up-to-date cybersecurity to ensure the protection of their data network. The accounting firm is more profitable due to the increase in efficiency and the decrease in IT-related issues.

Our dedication to your business's success is what separates us from our competitors. When you partner with ITG, your business will get unrivaled customer service and an unmatched dedication to ensuring that your technology provides all the benefits your company needs. Contact us to learn more about our services and let our dedicated team get to work on helping your company become more productive and efficient.

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