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March 18th, 2022 by admin

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Business management is no small feat as every aspect of the business should be cohesive and functioning like cogs in a well-oiled machine. Managers ensure that everything is in order and that the company runs at optimum conditions with utmost efficiency and productivity. If anything disrupts this planning and functionality, a business will suffer losses. Sometimes it becomes hard to recover from this disruption. No one wants that for their business or enterprise.

To overcome or safeguard from this devastating disruption, businesses and management must check their operations to either circumvent these disruptions or proactively prepare for such issues. An example is keeping a generator if the power goes out for some reason, and the backup generator can run to fulfill the power needs for most critical resources.

So when it comes to business continuity for IT solutions, Imagine Technology Group has your back. We can set up your IT systems and solutions, keeping business continuity in mind by following procedures and checks.

What is Business Continuity?

An organization can keep working without any hiccups if a problem arises. Even if there is a disruption, your workflow progresses without any problems, and you keep providing services to your customers.

Even though the first thing you set up is preventing a disaster, the goal of business continuity is to ensure your operations are ongoing before, during, and after a disaster hits your system.

What is a Business Continuity Plan?

It is a document that explains how your business or workforce can keep on working if there is an unplanned stoppage in the system causing a disruption. This document plans out different contingencies for most of your processes, keeps backup assets, and improves human resources to support the others during this time.

This document typically has a checklist of what to do when something happens. It also includes what supplies are specifically on hold for such a disaster, even equipment. Regular data backups are made onsite or offsite, depending on your organization's functioning.

Most of these plans provide detailed strategies approved by most senior management and available to most employees. In most industries, employees are trained to be prepared when something happens.

Following are 3 main aspects for a business continuity plan:

  • High Availability – Your system should have the capability to run processes and applications regardless of failures happening locally.
  • Continues Operations – Most companies put safeguards in the operations and systems to run smoothly during a disaster.
  • Disaster Recovery – Placing an offsite or cloud backup and recovery data to shift work from the affected location until things are back in order.

Security Solutions

Our solutions are tailored to your needs when it comes to cyber security. However, it is the first step in effectively managing known and unknown risks that might occur in your business or enterprise. The continuity plan goes beyond when a disaster strikes, and you should not plan for damage control rather be proactive in minimizing the things that cause the disaster. If your system is prepared to face the challenges, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Does your company keep a backup of your most critical business data and applications?

Where is your data backed up? Offsite or in the clouds?

If a disaster happens, how are you prepared for calls?

These questions seem simple, and you may have answers, but most businesses forget to act on them. If something happens, you should know what to do in this case. If you address these issues beforehand, you are ready and prepared to let your business keep on running.

Following are the services we provide in our continuity services:

  • Strategy and Risk – We offer advisory services to your management and set up resilient checks in your IT system to provide you business continuity even when hackers try to find a back door.
  • Enterprise Plans – We cover security protocols and programs and ensure that your system is appropriately assessed for adequate development until your system is ready and secure.
  • Solutions – We provide you with threats and risk assessment, a proper continuity plan, and finally, how to recover from a disaster.

Remote Workforce Solutions

With the hybrid work culture more common than ever, our business continuity services include, first and foremost, virtual desktops as the prime solution. It doesn't matter if you work from your office, home, or a café. As long as you have a running machine connected to the internet, your workforce can keep on working on any functioning machine.

Our remote workforce virtual desktop ensures the servers are up and running to provide you 24/7/365 connectivity and access to the most critical programs and data with uptimes guaranteed.

Data Backup and Recovery

As an enterprise, you need data backed up on the cloud for most applications, so if one or a few of your systems die, you can simply change the machine and use our virtual desktops to start working again. Our data backup service provides the best Disaster Recovery plans is tailored to your needs and is being done periodically for optimum safety.

It is good to know that while most businesses have either onsite backup or a partial backup on the cloud, our recovery program caters to most disasters.


Disaster management is now part of most companies and functional organizations to be ready if any big problem arises. Think of it as a contingency plan meaning if one thing fails, you are prepared to kickstart another system, so the work doesn't stop. We are best at this contingency plan, and our experts streamline our services to provide you with a nonstop and optimized experience. If you want to know more about our business continuity plans and services, contact us for more info.

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